Yes, due to the weight of the sleepers it is more economical for you to source them at a local timber yard, hardware store or landscape supplier than it would be for us to ship them to you. Sleeper quantities and dimensions can be found on ‘Shelters’ and ‘Stables’ pages. For all information on sourcing sleepers see the ‘Sourcing Sleepers‘ page.

The price of sleepers can vary from state to state, town to town and seasonally due to availability. However, to establish some budget estimate please see the page on ‘Sourcing Sleepers’.

Yes, they certainly are. In addition to the weight of the sleepers we have also come up with a simple method to secure the shelter to concrete footings. In short, you simply construct the shelter/stable then as the final step you dig some footing holes (this can be done first if you prefer), clip on the footing brackets and fill the holes with concrete and hey presto! Once the concrete sets your shelter is secure.

Yes, we are one of the few shelter suppliers that have developed documentation to help you get through council approval. In short the process will involve you submitting a development application to your local council and we will be able to supply technical documentation about the struture. Please contact us if you would like to go down this path.