The sleepers required in our shelters are to be sourced locally. This saves on the excessive shipping cost that would be associated with send heavy sleepers around Australia.

To help our customers out, we are attempting to gather information about where our customers are purchasing sleepers. The results will be published here. Hopefully this will help you find your nearest and best sleeper supplier. Have you found a great supplier for a great price? Let us know.

Hardwood or Treated Pine?

We are commonly asked whether it is better to use treated pine, hardwood or other products. This largely comes down to personal preference and economics.

While hardwood often has nice darker colours and may last longer it is considerably more expensive and often harder to source. Generally clients will choose hardwood because they like the look and want the longevity.

Pine is largely regarded as the more economical option. In addition the sleepers are lighter (hence easier to ship/handle), more readily available and are cleaner cut with greater accuracy making them easier to install.

At the end of the day the decision is yours.